Tehran (IP)- The Managing Director of Iran's Maritime and Port Organization (PMO) Mohammad Rastad told the Iran Press on Tuesday that Iran's sending fuel tankers to Venezuela is lawful and legitimate measure in accordance with the international maritime regulations that proves Iran's capabilities.

Iran PressIran news: Iran's senior official went on to say, "It shows that Iran's fleet can navigate all across the world without having any problem."

"It also serves as the proof for Iran's maritime capabilities and is considered as a source of Iran's national pride," he said.

Rastad highlighted that the constant development of such moves in the future will show that the imposed sanctions lack lawful frameworks and in spite of all this, Iran's capabilities still catch the world' s attention and they can be operationalized.

Referring to the important role of Iran's ports in export and providing basic commodities, Rastad explained that since the major part of Iran's import and export activities is carried out through Iran' ports, which is responsible for about 98 percent of the whole activities in this regard, one could say that the role the ports play are strategic so that it can direct the export and import stream of the goods from and into the country.

According to him, the same story goes with the transit of the goods as well.

Rastad elsewhere said that the volume of Iran's export and import through Iran's trading port has been reported about 150 million tons; the fact which shows how well Iran is blessed with marine transportation and is taking advantage of it.

Pointing out to the outbreak of the Coronavirus all around the world in one hand and the necessity of continuation of marine activities in another, Rastad said that amid COVID-19 pandemic, Iran's PMO has been observing health protocols and kept all the trading ports active round the clock and the volumes of the shipments discharged from the ships or loaded on to them have amounted to some 40 million tons.

Iran's senior PMO's official referred to the impacts of unfair sanctions imposed on Iran which in turn has affected Iran's maritime trading and shipping industry including sanctioning Iran's shipping as well as threatening and intimidating the fleet commute in Iran's ports as well as sanctioning them which serve as good examples in this regard.

However, Rastad referred to the enemies' miscalculation about Iran's maritime industry when he said it is the one with big potentials even more than what is needed by the Islamic Iran itself, saying Iran's naval fleet is the most influencing one around the world and that is why the Islamic Republic despite all hurdles and hardships has been able to meet the need of the nation in export and import field and thanks to the efforts of Iran's maritime transport staff,  the Iranian ports and maritime trading stays alive. 


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