Tehran (IP) - Iranian President in a speech at a meeting of the National Task Force for Combating Coronavirus on Saturday said that about 10 provinces have passed the Corona peak so all the regulations announced by the Ministry of Health from the first day until now remain in force.

Iran PressIran News: "We must follow all the rules until the Ministry of Health announces that the vaccine is available," President Hassan Rouhani highlighted.

Rouhani added: "Several other provinces need the cooperation of the people to cross the peak of the infections." 

"Thank God, we did not see the second peak in every province that passed the peak of this disease once, and we hope it will be the same in the future," the president noted.

The high ranking official noted that the regulations that we set for the month of Muharram must be observed by the officials of the mosques, and if anybody does not pay attention to the protocols, he must be dealt with, and it was decided that the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Health will formulate how to deal with violators.

"People should put health issues first and foremost," he said, adding: "We are in a situation where wearing masks are mandatory and everyone should wear them."

The President noted: "At the National Taskforce for Combating Corona, we decided to ban gatherings throughout the country."   207/216

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