Tehran (IP) - The Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development Shahram Adamnejad said that at the 11th meeting of transport cooperation between Iran and Russia, an agreement was signed on transportation to pave the way for appropriate infrastructural investments.

Iran Press/Iran News: Shahram Adamnejad on Wednesday, on the sideline of the 11th meeting of the Iran-Russia transport cooperation working group in Tehran, referring to the agreement signed between the two countries, said that the working group was active from 6 to 8 of Mordad (July 27 to 29, 2020) and several committees were active in the various fields of transport cooperation working group which finally agreed on the discussed subjects.

Shahram Adamnejad stressed that the connection between Iran and Russia in the region can be effective in the field of transit and international transportation. Russian's cargo transportation through Iran is very effective not only for Russia but also for India and China. That is why in the north-south corridor, the role of Iran and Russia is prominent.

The Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development of Iran emphasized that the result of the 11th transport summit between Iran and Russia was positive and we hope to see its practical results in the next few months.

On July 16, The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Russia, Kazem Jalali in a video conference with officials of the Chamber of Commerce, Customs, Ports, and Shipping Organization, Iran-Russia Joint Chamber of Commerce, Aquatic Production and Trade Union, Agricultural Union and Food Industry Association of Iran has said that Iran seeks to facilitate land, rail, and sea trade with Russia in order to expand non-oil exports.

The Iranian ambassador to Moscow also stressed the need to remove obstacles to the development of economic relations between Iran and Russia.


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