Tehran (IP) - Mostazafan Foundation chief has stated that during sanctions and Coronavirus outbreak, the performance of this Foundation has been excellent.

Iran PressIran News: Delivering a speech during the annual performance report of the Foundation, Parviz Fattah outlined that the Mostazafan Foundation is in full coordination with the government, and the new parliament, the judiciary, the armed forces, and other organizations.

"During the Coronavirus outbreak, alongside the government, officials, and people, the Foundation is active by spending 1,800 billion Tomans so far, and this process continues. It has also helped the Ministry of Health with medical equipment, masks, disinfectants, and ambulances," Parviz Fattah noted.

"According to Fattah, in the first phase, 600,000 packages have been delivered, and in the second phase, another 500,000 packages will be delivered. Also, 100,000 packages have been distributed in Tehran province and surrounding cities," he said.  

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He added that total sales of the Foundation have been 36,000 billion Tomans and its profit from grass production is 7,000 billion Tomans aiming to eradicate deprivation in the last Iranian year ( starting on March 21, 2019). 

"Over the past year, 380,000 tons of free cement were provided to those affected by natural disasters and it still continues," he added.

"During this year and the next year, 22,000 billion Tomans of Mostaszafan Foundation resources will be invested in steel, livestock affairs, and industrial sectors," the official added.

"In the oil sector, many foreign companies have stopped working due to the sanctions, but the Foundation has built two rigs worth $ 400 million that can be completed by foreigners and has a contract with the Ministry of Oil to make any exploration," Fattah said.

"In the field of steel, the second phase of Kaveh Steel in Bandar Abbas and Shahid Rajaei port, which the Foundation has invested 5000 billion Tomans, is ready for operation. It will add 1.2 million tons to the country's steel production," he said.

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