The Iranian Embassy in France announced that preliminary analysis of the recovered data related to the black boxes of the crashed Ukrainian plane starts today in the BEA laboratory in France.

Iran PressEurope: According to the media department of the Iranian Embassy in Paris, the technical delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran Aviation Organization, which is in Paris, in joint cooperation and effort with the French side, began to read the boxes of the crashed Ukrainian aircraft on Monday.

On the first day of this joint technical cooperation, a delegation of Iranian experts and a group of French laboratory experts succeeded in recovering the so-called FDR (Flight Data Recording) section in the black boxes of the crashed aircraft.

The retrieved data was provided to the technical delegation of the Civil Aviation Organization headed by the deputy head of the organization, Arash Khodaei.

Khodaei, while expressing satisfaction with the process of efforts made on the first day of work with the French side, praised the professional efforts of the French laboratory group and expressed his positive evaluation of their cooperation.   207/219

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