Tehran (IP)- Referring to the need to develop relations and strengthen border and trade exchanges with neighbors, Iranian President stressed the government's support for exporters, stating that the diversity of exports of non-oil goods reduces the vulnerability of the country's economy.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking on Monday in a meeting held for removing barriers and facilitating exports, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed providing a basis for increasing exports of Iranian goods to neighboring target countries, as well as the need for exporters to return the currency from exports to the country's economic cycle.

Referring to the dangers of single-product exports to the country's economy, the President called for an effort to create diversity and trust in Iran's exported products and described it as a necessary and valuable step so as to strengthen exports and help the country's economy prosper.

Pointing to the problems caused by Iran's simultaneous confrontation with oppressive sanctions and the outbreak of the coronavirus on the country's economy, Rouhani expressed, "In recent months, due to the coronavirus pandemic, border exchanges and exports and imports with neighboring countries have faced problems, which with gradual resolution of the coronavirus problem and reopening of borders in accordance with health protocols, exchanges with neighbors have resumed, and we must seize this opportunity”.

The President reiterated the government's support for exporters as those who are at the forefront of the enemy's economic war, saying: "Export boom is one of the main priorities of the government and we support exporters with all our might".

The Iranian President called the strengthening of non-oil exports to supply the currency needed by the country as one of the main policies in the field of economy and added: "This way, neighboring countries are the first priority of economic relations and the government's policy is directed towards developing relations, especially economic and trade relations with the neighbors, and the export of technical and engineering services and the creation of joint industrial parks will deepen these relations”.

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Rouhani also stressed the need for more active joint economic commissions with countries, especially neighbors, saying, "We should use all tools and capacities for economic growth and the development of exports”.

Stating that according to statistics, the country's economic growth rate has been positive without oil last year, Rouhani said, "Positive economic growth despite sanctions and unprecedented economic pressure is an important thing that we must do our best to continue this year".

Rouhani also expressed that the government will do its best in the remaining year of its office to realize the slogan of 'Surge in Production', adding: "The prosperity of production has no choice but to develop non-oil exports and to boost domestic production, and we must seek the development of export and identify foreign markets to export our products to”.

In this regard, Rouhani called for strengthening the position of border provinces in the development of non-oil exports and the need to organize some border terminals as regional export empowerment centers.

The President also pointed out that the government has engaged all the facilities and capacities to manage the country’s economy without oil revenues in the conditions of sanctions and coronavirus, adding, "In the economy without relying on oil revenues, the governing model of relations between the three sides of production, export and oil has changed in favor of "production for export".


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