Jul 12, 2020 19:50 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jul 31, 2020 21:40 Asia/Tehran]
  • President says government supports and encourages credible producers, exporters
    President says government supports and encourages credible producers, exporters

Tehran (IP) - President Rouhani supporting the private sector, said that law-abiding producers, businesses, and exporters would receive special support and financial incentives.

Iran Press/Iran News: Iranian President on Sunday noting to the important role of the private sector in national economy and said his government supports and encourages the creditable exporters.

Addressing a Sunday session of the administration’s Economic Coordination Headquarters, Rouhani highlighted the leading role of the private sector’s producers and merchants in the country’s economy amid the struggle with the foreign sanctions.

“The administration’s policy is strengthening and supporting the companies that are at the forefront of the battle with the sanctions and are trying to supply the necessary commodities required by the society and the raw materials,” he said.

The Iranian government also supports the companies which make efforts to meet society's fundamental needs and are in the front line of the fight against the sanctions, the president said.

In the meanwhile, he added, a small group of exporters that do not repatriate the foreign currency from the exports to the country’s economy will be prosecuted and their activities will be restricted.

President Rouhani stated that Central Bank of Iran (CBI) with the cooperation of the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade follow policies on controlling the forex market at the highest level of transparency.

Assuring the private sector companies, business people and producers of the government’s backing, the president said considering the reports by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade about constructive cooperation from the business people, companies and merchants abiding by the law will be given special incentives.

In today's session, Governor of CBI Abdolnasser Hemmati present a report on forex situation and some other economic issues.

In June, President Rouhani had said that CBI is capable of getting fluctuations in the forex market under control.


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