The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Russia criticized the actions of the International Atomic Energy Agency and the US pressure on other countries to implement Washington's unilateral sanctions against Tehran, saying, "It seems that the process of practicing justice in the world has been reversed."

Iran Press/Europe: Kazem Jalali wrote on his Twitter that "The issue of respect for international law as the basis of global interactions has always been of interest to the international community, and in the past, the founders of the United Nations were concerned with countering the lawlessness of other members, but today international community is concerned with breaking the law by founders."

He added that the US move to withdraw from many international agreements, such as JCPOA and, more recently, the World Health Organization, as well as Washington's efforts to persuade the international community to break the law and impose unilateral and oppressive sanctions on Iran, will not have any consequences other than instability and escalation of tension.

The Iranian ambassador to Russia said: "The Islamic Republic of Iran has adhered to its obligations, but it seems that good and bad standards have been in crisis; because Tehran, which has the most cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency, recently witnessed the adoption of a resolution against Iran in the Board of Governors. Russia's and China's rational stance on the resolution confirms that they fully understand the current sensitive situation, and this is commendable."

He stated: "Enjoying the economic interests of JCPOA is an inalienable right of Iran, but so far not only have we not enjoyed these benefits, but we have also faced illegal US efforts, and we are currently witnessing the country's efforts to extend the arms embargo that will soon be terminated based on Security Council Resolution 2231. The process of practicing justice in the world seems to have been reversed.


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