Iran ambassador to Iraq Iraj Masjedi

Iran’s ambassador to Iraq Iraj Masjedi said on Tuesday that Iran’s rate of export to Iraq exceeds 12 billion dollars annually while Saudi Arabia’s export is only 400 million dollars.

Iran PressMiddle East: Delivering a speech on the meeting which was held to examine the latest developments in Iraq, Iran’s ambassador in Iraq said that Iraq has passed a phase which was encountering ISIS and creating security and now is entering a new phase which is political, economic and establishing its role in the region.

"Iran’s role in creating security in Iraq is undeniable", Masjedi highlighted.

Iran's top diplomat added that Iraq’s government tries to improve the country, manifest its role among neighboring countries, and improve Iraq’s position in International relations.

The ambassador noted that Iraq also tries to improve its economic condition by attracting foreign investors to leave behind economic problems.

The future of Iraq

Masjedi said that Iran considers Iraq as an independent country, and we are a friend for them.

Iraq government tries to make a balance between two powers in the country which are Iran and the US, he noted.

On one side they try to establish their relationship with Iran to use their sources and on the other side they try to have US support at international levels in the region, Masjedi added.

Iraq tries to manage both of these powers, while it remains our friend and will not be a basis for our enemies, he concluded.


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