PHOTO: By Iran Front Page

Iran's permanent representative to the United Nations said that unilateral sanctions undermine the capacity of target countries to deal with Coronavirus Pandemic and must be lifted.

Iran Press/America: Majid Takhte-Ravanchi said in a statement at the UN Security Council meeting on the consequences of Coronavirus Pandemic: "High-mortality diseases have a negative effect on the economic and social situation of countries involved in conflicts and complicate their situation."

Referring to the problems caused by the pandemic in the region, especially in Syria and Yemen, he said: "This situation has been exacerbated by the recent unilateral US sanctions against the Syrian people and the continued siege of Yemeni ports and airports."

Takhte-Ravanchii said: "Iran, as a country that is affected by the COVID-19 and is also the target of the US sanctions, is well aware of how and to what extent the sanctions undermine the capacity of the target countries to deal with Coronavirus by preventing the import of medical equipment and drugs."

"Unilateral sanctions actually target patients most of all, and this fact shows how immoral, inhumane and illegitimate sanctions are," he added.

The diplomat went on to say, "Coronavirus is a common enemy of humanity, and the only way to deal with it is through practical solidarity and global cooperation, and any sanctions are against the interests of the world. This is why the UN Secretary-General and many international figures and world political and religious leaders have called for the immediate lifting of sanctions."

Takhte-Ravanchi stressed that in addition to examining the effects of the disease in countries involved in armed conflict, the consequences of imposing unilateral sanctions on them should also be considered.