Tehran (IP)- The US has started an economic war and aimed oil industry, but these pressures increased our non-oil exports, Iran's first vice president said.

Iran Press/Iran news: Delivering a speech on the occasion of Industry and Mine day, 30 June 2020, Iran's first vice president Ishaq Jahangiri said: "the sanctions that were imposed on one side and coronavirus epidemic on the other side, changed the government’s policies to resist against these sanctions."

Jahangiri went on to say that the government has two priorities, one of them is protecting people’s health and the other one is people’s livelihoods.

We protect job opportunities and plan to create more, he highlighted.

Referring to the fact that Iran ranks one in oil and gas resources, he added that Iran is a rich country and we must use these capitals to improve people’s livilyhood and conditions.

Threats changed into opportunities: Jahangiri

Pointing to the fact that our country’s industry acted well in the coronavirus epidemic, Jahangiri said that although sanctions caused troubles for us, we change these threats to opportunities, and our youths in knowledge-based companies have made Iran exporter of coronavirus equipment.

Coronavirus pandemic caused trouble for the economy of the whole world that is the biggest stagnation after 1930, the vice president noted.

Addressing craftsmen, industrial businessmen present at the ceremony, Jahangiri said that our country needs 41 billion $ currency from the export section and expects you to supply this amount of export, knowing that it is not easy to do.

Jahangiri evaluated the country’s performance satisfactory and said that a good record had been achieved regarding economic growth and controlling inflation, and today we must try to define our economic position, he concluded.

At the end of the ceremony, top craftsmen in the country were awarded.

The ceremony of “Industry and Mine” day was held on 30 June 2020 in Tehran Permanent International Fairgrounds by the attendance of first vice president Ishaq Jahangiri, head of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, Hassan Modaress Khiabani and some craftsmen.


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