A new poll shows approval of President Trump’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic dropped to 41% since June, hitting its lowest level.

Iran PressAmerica: The poll of 2,009 American adults from CBS News and YouGov found that just 41% approve of Trump’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, down from 45% earlier this month and 52% in March.

In the CBS poll, 62% said they think things are going badly for the US in its efforts to deal with the outbreak, up from 57% earlier this month.

While Trump almost invariably eschews masks and often mocks them as a sign of weakness, 69% of Americans report wearing a mask always or most of the time, while just 24% say they take cues from the president on whether to wear one, compared to 78% who say medical professionals and 64% who say local guidelines.

85% also say COVID-19 testing is important to contain the virus, despite Trump falsely claiming that increased testing leads to surges of the virus, openly musing about slowing down testing and his administration pulling federal funding for over a dozen local testing sites.72% of Americans said the Trump administration was unprepared to deal with the outbreak, while just 28% of Americans said it was prepared. 

Trump’s coronavirus approval has also hit an all-time low in polls from Harris, CNBC, and, most recently, Reuters, in which just 38% said they approve of Trump’s handling of the virus.


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