Tehran (IP) - Clashes and chase operations between Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) armed militias and Turkish military forces near the borders of Iran's West Azerbaijan province provoked a reaction from the Border Guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran Press/Iran News: According to an informed military source, the Iranian Border Guards managed to prevent the infiltration of the militia group into the borders of Iran by carrying out a precise operation.

The PKK troops' effort to cross the borders of the Islamic Republic of Iran following Wednesday's fierce clashes with Turkish troops and the chase between the two sides was failed with the vigilance of the Iranian Border Guards in overcoming this chase and they were prevented from entering the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In another development, Turkish media reported that armed clashes broke out between militia groups and Turkish military forces near the joint Iranian-Turkish border on Tuesday evening, injuring two Turkish border guards, one of whom was reportedly died of his injuries.

Spox: Fight against terrorism must be a global measure

Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi regarding Tuesday's clash near the Iranian-Turkish border between militias and Turkish military forces noted that combating terrorism should be a global measure and that all countries should be committed to doing so.

Speaking on Wednesday, he said: "According to the border guards of West Azerbaijan province, as a result of this clash, a mortar shell hit the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which fortunately did not cause any casualties. Various aspects of the incident are being investigated by border officials of the two countries."


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