As COVID-19 has threatened human beings and the current world order, US ineffectiveness to strengthen collaboration and solidarity to combat the pandemic and its procrastination to help vulnerable nations, specifically in Africa has clearly diminished its credibility as a moral leader in the current international system.

Iran PressAfrica: Africa and China have shared a fascinating and resilient relationship as the COVID-19 pandemic has threatened the current world order, with the emergence of new power from the global south. 

In the recent China-Africa Summit that was led by China, Senegal, and the director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), President Xi Jinping promised that China would help Africa with equipment needed to stem the spread of COVID-19. China also promised to waive some debt from African countries due this year. It also promised to restructure some time frames for repayment from some countries. These measures are not unique; the Group of 20 has also pledged leniency to low-income countries encumbered with debt.

This has vital importance for the African countries because decision by US President Donald Trump to withdraw financial support for the WHO is likely to have devastating consequences on regions like Africa that do not have enough endowments to deal with the COVID-19.

Over past decades, Sino-Africa friendship has been built on mutual respect and understanding, which had been advanced through mutual support in overcoming challenges. When China was struck by the Coronavirus, over 50 African leaders had expressed their solidarity with the country, through phone calls, video calls, and public statements, and, in return, China had offered humanitarian support by sending expert medical teams to the African countries.

Unlike the rest of the world, Africa is finding it difficult to lock down due to inadequate healthcare systems. Providing health and economic support for Africa at this time will significantly help a lot of countries to combat the Coronavirus and safeguard the economy; therefore, the decision of China to support Africa during the pandemic is a welcome development.

It appears that in the battle against the novel virus, as China has shouldered its international responsibilities and strengthened collaboration and solidarity in the fight against the COVID-19 and joined forces with dozens of other nations and the African continent, on the other side on the rivalry arena, instead of fostering global cooperation to take a global measure, the US and the Trump administration have clearly shown that it cannot be counted upon as a moral leader in the current international system.

At the moment, the bitter rift between the US and China and trade war between the two is growing fast and some sirens goes off about Chines economic venerability against the US countermeasures.

As China mainly relies on the US dollar payment system in international deals, it makes it vulnerable to possible US sanctions and it must prepare for the risks of being cut off from the US dollar payment system in case the United States sanctions Chinese companies and banks, just like Washington did with Russian institutions. 212/ 207

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