Tehran (IP) - Iran's Deputy Head of the Civil Defense Organization for Coordination said the organization has supported industries of the country, including bio-industries.

Iran PressIran news: Answering the question of the Iran Press on the role of civil defense in the realization of this year's slogan of the "Surge in Production", the Brigadier General Abdollalh Jalali noted, "Iran's Civil Defense Organization has supported new industries to develop in the country."

The official also referred to the coronavirus epidemic, saying, "It is necessary to monitor the borders to prevent the virus from entering the country or if the virus enters, the Civil Defense organization identifies it."

Iran's Deputy Head of the Civil Defense Organization for Coordination stressed, "Due to the imposed sanctions on the country, we did not have some needed laboratory equipment, however by the Civil Defense Organization's support, the equipment became available for the Pasteur Institute of Iran."

Jalali further explained that the organization has also equipped another laboratory for the Razi vaccine and serum company.

"Every year, the Civil Defense Organization organizes an exhibition of biological defense in November, concurrent with the Week of Civil Defense of the country," Jalali reiterated.


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