Tehran (IP) - Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs elaborated on the Ukrainian plane crash saying that Iran would be ready to send the black boxes to the companies capable of reading black box.

Iran Press/Iran News: Mohsen Baharvand explained on Saturday that Iran is engaged in bilateral talks with Ukraine as the country that owns the aircraft.

"The senior official said that Iran would ready to negotiate with other countries, including Canada and the rest of the world, on two issues, one is to deliver and read black boxes that complete and finalize the information, and to present the reasons to the International Civil Aviation Organization (IKAO) so that there would be no ambiguity in this regard," added the official.

"According to our research in Iran and Ukraine, and in many countries, because the aircraft is a new type of aircraft, it is not possible to read these black boxes, and we may decide to do so in any way, directly or indirectly," Baharvand noted.

"We provide contracts to companies that are capable of doing so, such as French companies or other companies," he stated.

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs also said that Iran is going to make sure that the black boxes would not be the subject of any misuse at all.

Referring to Iran's uninviting experiences with other countries, where those countries have changed Tehran's information and made it public, Baharvand said that such events have led Iran to seek direct negotiations, especially with the officials in Ukraine, with whom Iran is likely to begin negotiations soon, and to move the black boxes to the place where they are read, and to conduct technical research as soon as possible.

He added that Iran would be ready to compensate for the damages.

The Ukrainian airliner was struck by two missiles inadvertently on 8 January shortly after it left Tehran en route to Kyiv. Iran admitted it had shot down the Ukrainian plane in error. All 176 passengers on board, including nationals of five foreign states of Canada, Iran, Britain, Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Sweden were killed.


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