The President of Venezuela hailed the coincidence of the two events of the arrival of the first Iranian oil tanker in the waters of this land and the end of the holy month of Ramadan as a symbol of solidarity between the two nations.

Iran PressAmerica: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro shared pictures of Iranian tankers carrying fuel on his Twitter page and wrote: "Thank you Iran",

He noted: "The coincidence of the end of Ramadan and the arrival of the "Fortune" oil tanker is a symbol of the Islamic Republic of Iran's solidarity with Venezuela; in a time when the government of oppression seeks to increase its dominance by abusing its power, the brotherhood of free societies is our only way of salvation."

On Sunday, coinciding with the arrival of Iran's first oil tanker in Venezuela's exclusive economic waters, the hashtag #GraciasIran (Thanks to Iran) became Venezuela's first Twitter trend.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro thanked Iran for its support and stressed that both Caracas and Tehran want peace. We have the right to trade freely.

He called the people of Iran and Venezuela, 'revolutionary people' who 'will never kneel before the North American empire.'

Earlier on Monday the Vice President of the Republic of Venezuela stressed the importance of the friendship between Caracas and Tehran in the face of US threats, referring to the arrival of an Iranian tanker at the El Palito refinery in the country.

"Today (Monday) the arrival of the first Iranian tanker at the port of El Palito refinery is considered a historic event in the relations between the two countries, and we will try to expand cooperation with Tehran exponentially," Delcy Rodr?guez wrote in a Twitter message.

The official emphasized that the departure of five Iranian fuel carrier tankers to the territory of Venezuela showed the spirit of solidarity that prevails in both countries.

Maduro: Iranian tankers symbol of solidarity of Tehran, Caracas

Rodriguez added: "In this action, the principles of people's autonomy, sovereignty, friendship, cooperation, support for peace and mutual interests have been expressed."

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Sunday highlighted the arrival of the first of five Iranian tankers laden with fuel in Venezuela, a country that is going through a gasoline shortage due to the coercive measures imposed by the United States.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has sent five fuel tankers to support the Venezuelan government and people, which are under US economic siege.

Samuel Moncada, Venezuela's permanent representative to the United Nations, said Sunday night that the entry of Iranian tankers into Venezuelan waters was a turning point in the struggle for sovereignty, independence, and peace.

Venezuelan Oil Minister Tareck El Aissami also thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran for its support of the Venezuelan government and people and emphasized: "Iran-Venezuela's energy cooperation, in addition to uniting the two countries as members of OPEC, is based on scientific exchange and the development of oil production."

In recent days, Venezuelan users have praised the Spanish hashtag #GraciasIran, meaning "thank you Iran," on Twitter, and praised the cooperation between Tehran and Caracas in the face of the US naval blockade.

In recent months, the United States has sought to overthrow the legitimate government of Venezuela, which has an anti-American approach, by threatening, imposing sanctions, pressure, and economic blockade. 

Many countries, including Iran, Russia and China, have condemned the US move, stressing the need to respect Venezuela's sovereignty and territorial integrity.


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