Tehran (IP)- The Governor of the Central Bank wrote that the support of the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination and the powers granted by the heads of the three branches of government have made significant contributions to the advancement of the Central Bank's reform programs in the money and currency markets.

Iran Press/Iran news: Governor of Central Bank of Iran Abdul Nasser Hemmati released pictures of yesterday's meeting of the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination with the presence of the heads of three branches of government (President, Speaker of the Parliament and Chief of Judiciary) and Ali Larijani's last appearance at the meeting and noted, "I appreciate Larijani's of ideas, plans and proposals of the Central Bank over the past two years for reforms in the banking system and the management of the currency and monetary markets during the meetings of the Council as well as the parliament."

According to the secretary of the council, most of the approvals of the last 50 sessions of the council have been related to the proposals of the Central Bank.


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