The Head of the Sebastia Diocese of the Greek Orthodox Church in Palestine has reiterated that Al-Quds will remain the eternal capital of Palestine.

Iran Press/Middle East: Archbishop Atallah Hanna said, "Despite all the deals, projects and conspiracies that have surrounded us to normalize relations with the Zionists, we declare on International Quds Day that Al-Quds is and will remain the capital of Palestine."

Speaking on Wednesday evening on the occasion of International Quds Day, he added: "There is no force in this world that can darken or falsify Al-Quds history and damage its status."

The outspoken Palestinian Christian leader has been a staunch critic of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and its acts of aggression in neighboring Lebanon and Syria.

"َAl-Quds is our capital, qibla and holy place, which we consider a piece of paradise on earth, and for this reason, on International Quds Day, we warn all Christians and Muslims anywhere in the world to perform their spiritual, human and civil duty towards Quds, and say that the Zionists attack Al-Quds every day and every hour and try to weaken its history, identity, and status; do not forget Al-Quds and always defend it," he added. 

Atallah Hanna stated, "I salute all those who are defending Palestine and demanding the liberation of Al-Quds and the elimination of all projects and conspiracies against Palestinians."

He noted that the issue of Palestine is a matter for Christians and Muslims around the world.