One of the world's largest train networks gradually restarted operations as India eased its coronavirus lockdown, as the number of cases passed 74,925 with more than 2,436 deaths.

Iran Press/Iran News: Some 30 train journeys -- 15 pairs of return trips -- run from the capital New Delhi to other cities including Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai, Indian Railways said late Sunday, AFP reported.

The vast train network, which had carried more than 20 million passengers daily, was halted in late March as India imposed a strict lockdown to stem the spread of the deadly novel coronavirus.

Since early May, the government said some 366 special trains carrying up to 1,200 passengers on each service have operated to help stranded poor, rural migrant workers who lost their jobs in cities in the lockdown to return to their villages.

Railways Minister Piyush Goyal tweeted Sunday that up to 300 special trains catering to migrants can run every day.

India has started to ease its lockdown, which is due to lift on May 17, but interstate public transport and domestic and international flights had so far remain grounded.

In India, there have been 74,925 cases confirmed, 2,436 people have died and 24,887 people have recovered from the virus.

While the number of deaths is low compared to the United States and the worst-hit European nations, health specialists say India's pandemic curve may only peak in June-July

According to the latest figures published by Johns Hopkins University, 4,278,180 cases have been detected worldwide, with 292,376 deaths, and 1,503,964 people now recovered.


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