Tehran(IP) - The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran said on Tuesday "Iran's effective measures against the spread of the coronavirus have invalidated many judgments against the Islamic Republic."

Iran PressIran News: The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Tuesday at a meeting of thinkers and officials of academic and seminary institutions added: "The measures taken during the confrontation with the coronavirus outbreak in Iran thwarted biased anti-Iranian judgments, which was orchestrated against the government and the country's management, and the enemies realized that Iran was a powerful country.

Hassan Rouhani stated: "Western countries thought that by imposing pressure and sanctions, the Iranian nation would not be tolerant for more than a few months. With the outbreak of coronavirus, they also thought a country under severe sanctions and limited financial resources cannot resist these problems.

Referring to Iran's successes in dealing with coronavirus, Rouhani added: "Today, Iran has reached a point in the production of ventilators, N95 Masks, and diagnostic testing kits that, in addition to meeting the domestic needs of the Ministry of Health, also it exports to other countries."

According to definitive diagnostic criteria, 110,767 people in Iran have been infected with the coronavirus so far, of which 88,357 have recovered and have been discharged from hospitals.

The number of people living with the coronavirus in the world has reached about 4.3 million, of which more than 290,000 have died and about 1.547 million have recovered and have been discharged from hospitals. 


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