Tehran (IP) - Minister of Road and Urban Development said Iran is ready to expand business transactions with Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Iran Press/Iran News: Iranian Minister of Road and Urban Development Mohammad Eslami held a trilateral video conference meeting on Tuesday with Turkmenistan’s Deputy Minister of Transport Bayram Geldi Eyvazo and Uzbekistan’s Minister of Transport Elyar Ganiyev over transport and transit cooperation between Iran, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

Noting that health protocols have been implemented in 24 border terminals due to the coronavirus outbreak, Eslami said according to agreements between Iran and Turkmenistan disinfection tunnels will be installed in borders over the next two weeks.

All merchants and businesspersons are obliged to implement the health protocols, he concluded.

Turkmenistan’s Deputy Minister of Transport Bayram Geldi Eyvazov said for his part that some steps have been taken to prevent spreading COVID-19 in Turkmenistan borders like establishing disinfection tunnels.

All transportation vehicles are disinfected and we are ready to issue health licenses, he stressed.

Also, Uzbekistan’s Minister of Transport Elyar Ganiyev for his part stressed that all drivers are obliged to wear gowns and go through health protocols and that they should deliver the cargo to its destination within 10 days.

Ganiyev added that disinfection tunnels are in process and since railway transportation has decreased due to the outbreak of coronavirus, noting: “We urge to resume railway transportation to and from Iran to other countries”.

Based on an agreement between the three countries, the necessary transportation documents will be exchanged electronically.


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