Tehran (IP) - Health Ministry's head of the Transplantation Department said that with the bullying and imposing stringent sanctions, the US intends to reach its political objectives.

Iran PressIran News: Mehdi Shadnoush stated there are still gentle and dignified people in the world how can stand against US brutality disguising as human.

Shadnoush made the remarks on Tuesday in meeting with the UNICEF's envoy Gillas Chevalier, discussing the status of the Iranian children suffering EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa).

He highlighted that the Iranian noble and distinguished nation would not forget those who stand still beside them during tough and harsh conditions.

"Apart from the governments, we ask medical supplies producers in the world to stand against the US bullying and not let children be tormented in any form or shape," the health official said.

Gillas Chevalier for his part appreciated the financial support of Germany in order to help EB children receive bandages.

He referred to the COVID-19 crisis in the world and Iran and said with Iran's health ministry cooperation the needed bandages transported to Iran aiming to decrease children's suffering and agony. 

He went on to say that UNICEF counts on Iran's support of the EB and other sick children. 205/207

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