According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Iran ranks third worldwide in the field of clinical research and trials with the aim of examining the effectiveness of treatment strategies against the deadly coronavirus.

Iran Press/Europe: According to the WHO, China has so far conducted 154 studies and clinical trials, the United States 109, Iran 63, and Spain 58 to evaluate the effectiveness of various medications in the treatment of COVID-19 in hospitals and medical centers.

Clinical trials, along with other health measures in Europe, are being conducted in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark and Italy, respectively.

Despite continuing the spread of coronavirus across the world, finding new therapies such as plasma therapy or the production of vaccines and drugs is under investigation and clinical trials, and researchers have so far failed to provide a specific drug or treatment for the disease.

The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) announced that more than 130 hybrid drugs are currently being studied in research projects around the world since the outbreak began. 

The COVID-19 disease that has swept into at least 212 countries, infected more than 4,198,400 and killed 284,100 people in the world.


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