Chabahar (IP) - The head of Iranshahr University of Medical Sciences and Health Services said that 12 injured crew members of the Konarak ship accident were hospitalized at Imam Ali Hospital in Chabahar.

Iran PressIran News: Mehran Aminifard added: "Last night, after being informed of the accident and injuring a number of crew members and personnel of the Konarak ship, 10 ambulances were sent to Haft Tir wharf and the injured were transferred to the hospital."

He further added that a total of 16 people were transferred to Imam Ali Hospital, including one dead, three outpatients, two in intensive care, one in surgery, and 12 in hospital.

Public Relations of the 1st Maritime District of Navy of Iran's Army in Bandar Abbas announced the occurrence of an accident for one of the light vessels in this area within the waters of Jask Port.

Yesterday afternoon, during a naval exercise by a number of Navy vessels, the light logistic vessel of Konarak had an incident, killing one person and injuring several others.

The dimensions of the accident are being closely examined by technical experts.


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