Tehran(IP) - The head of the Masih Daneshvary hospital Ali Akbar Velayati on Thursday stressed the need to pay serious attention to scientific fields in order to find more appropriate solutions in the treatment of corona.

Iran Press/Iran news: The scientific council meeting of Masih Daneshvari Hospital was held on Thursday, April 30, with the presence of doctors, specialists and officials of different departments of the center, chaired by Dr. Velayati.

In this meeting, which was focused on issues related to Coronavirus and the study of measures taken to contain the virus, Dr. Velayati emphasized the need to pay maximum attention to providing services to Corona patients adding: "In the field of research and science, based on what has been approved in various meetings, more effective measures and steps should be taken to achieve more appropriate solutions in the treatment of corona, and a group of experts in this field have made great efforts and showed seriousness, and we hope fora achieving  Practical results in order to improve .and eliminate this virus from Iran and the world."

The head of Masih Daneshvari Hospital provided information about plasma therapy and the inviting results.

Also, while emphasizing on paying more attention to providing services to COVID-19 patients, he appreciated and thanked the efforts of the medical staff.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Aidani, and some other professors, physicians, and specialists.


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