Middle East(IP) - Syria's permanent representative to the United Nations on Wednesday called Turkey's invasion of northern Syria a clear violation of the UN Charter, Security Council resolutions and the Sochi, Astana and Moscow agreements.

Iran Press/America: Bashar al-Jaafari condemned the Turkish invasion of northern Syria at a UN Security Council meeting on Syria, saying that Damascus would never accept Turkey's justification for invading Syrian territory.

Al-Jaafari said that Turkey supports the terrorists in Syria and called on the Security Council to oblige the countries that support terrorism to stop doing so.

The Permanent Representative of Syria to the United Nations noted Turkey's new illegal move to deploy anti-aircraft systems on Syrian soil, adding that the Turkish government has equipped its military forces on Syrian soil with US Hawk surface-to-air missiles in a violation of Principles of International Law and the Charter of the United Nations.

Bashar al-Jaafari also warned of the possibility of such advanced weapons being in the hands of Ankara-backed terrorist groups such as Jabhat al-Nusra and the Turkestan Party, which could have catastrophic consequences.

In recent months, the Turkish military has repeatedly targeted Syrian army positions and infrastructure in the north of the country.

The Permanent Representative of Syria to the United Nations also stressed the need to support the Syrian government's efforts to combat terrorism, saying that the Syrian government's fight against terrorists is aimed at completing the process of restoring stability and achieving a political solution in the country.

Bashar al-Jaafari called economic terrorism and sanctions against Syria and the mass punishment of the Syrian people another type of war, saying that all this is a clear violation of international law and the UN Charter.

The crisis in Syria began in 2011 with a massive offensive by terrorist groups backed by Saudi Arabia, the United States and their allies to change regional equations in favor of the Zionist regime.


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