Envoy: Using full name of Persian Gulf in all UN documents, necessary

On the occasion of the Persian Gulf National Day, the Iranian Ambassador to the United Kingdom posted a document from the UN Secretariat emphasizing the need to use the full name Persian Gulf in the organization's documents and publications.

Iran Press/Europe: Iran's Ambassador to UK Hamid Baeidinejad posted a message on his Twitter account on Wednesday, saying: "According to the UN Secretariat's instructions on May 14, 1999, the name of the waterway between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Arabian Peninsula is the "Persian Gulf" and the full name of the Persian Gulf must be used in UN documents and publications."

The United Nations has emphasized in another document of August 18, 1994, that the full term 'Persian Gulf' should in all cases be used instead of the shorter term 'Gulf'.

In recent years, some Arab littoral states of the Persian Gulf have sought to distort the name of the Persian Gulf, while its name has been recognized in UN resolutions as the correct name.

Today (Wednesday), April 29, 2020, Iranians mark the National Persian Gulf Day, which is the anniversary of the victory over Portuguese troops during a war in the Persian Gulf in 1622.


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