US sanctions hinders buying coronavirus diagnostic test kits

Tehran (IP) - The Iranian health ministry's spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour announced that the SWIFT for the purchase of Coronavirus diagnostic kits canceled under the pretext of the US sanctions.

Iran Press/Iran News: Kianoosh Jahanpour on Saturday 18 April said that canceling the SWIFT for purchasing coronavirus test kits by a Korean bank highlights the falsehood of US claim that sanctions on Iran do not include medicinal drugs and medical supplies.

Jahanpour said the South Korean bank had officially announced that the purchase was not possible due to US sanctions.

In recent weeks, following the outbreak of the coronavirus in the world and in Iran, a large number of officials from various countries, including Turkey, Russia, Pakistan and China have called for the lifting of US unilateral and illegal sanctions against Iran.

Washington's unilateral, oppressive and inhuman sanctions, which include basic, necessary and even medical items, have caused many problems for the Iranian people, especially those infected with COVID-19 disease.

However, US President Donald Trump said on Friday that he is opposed to lifting sanctions on Iran


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