Tehran (IP) - The Deputy Minister for Development Management, Human Resources and Strategic Planning and Coordination of the Health Ministry Seyyed Kamel Taqavinejad said that his country has succeeded in controlling coronavirus.

Iran Press/Iran News: Taqavinejad in response to Iran Press regarding the extent that the development of the health system transformation plan as a key infrastructure is capable to ensure the health of the Iranians, especially during COVID-19 outbreak said: "Fortunately, sufficient and on time facilities and funds have been allocated to health section during 11th and 12th governments plus significant activities."

"Approximately 1486 treatment projects with 3 million and 6,000 square meter infrastructure, 36,000 beds capacities, meaning 30 percent have been added to our hospitals' sections, and it is significant in its own," he added.

"Fortunately, Iran has succeeded in controlling the Coronavirus. The facilities have increased. 8 thousand hygienic projects have been put into operation during this government, as well as 17,000 old unites refurbished, 1 million and 170,000 square meters added to the country's health section which is significant and effective to combat and control the Virus," the deputy of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education said.

"Concerning Iran's hotel hospitals, 585 hospitals are equipped and improved and 3500 square meters of them are refurbished, 50 percent of the hospitals during Coronavirus have been refurbished, so this has led us to use the hospitals properly," Taqavinejad said.

According to the official, Iran's hospitals and medical universities' incomes during the COVID-19 outbreak and pandemic lessened 2 percent in January and 50 percent in March, meaning Iran has allocated all its facilities to Coronavirus by separating Coronavirus and non-Coronavirus patients in hospitals.


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