Tehran (IP) – Deputy Health Minister for Department of Work and Environment Health said that the second phase of "Social distancing" for people and working place based on Hygienic Protocols in all provinces will be commenced as of Saturday (12 April).

Iran Press/Iran News: In a video-conference on Friday, Mohsen Farhadi said Tehran as the capital and the main hub of the country's economy will begin its normal activities as long as its conditions require.

Farhadi said all the managers and employers are obliged to register follow up hygienic protocols based on the pandemic conditions so that they can commence their activities.

He added, by observing hygienic protocols they can both provide people's needs and meet their own economic needs as well.

“If all the industrial and gild unions follow the hygienic rules and regulations, we could be able to combat and uproot the virus,” he noted.

Noting that corona is a global crisis the removal of which requires joint cooperation, the health official said the Health Ministry along with all the related agencies in the country are going to implement the second step of Social Distancing.

Today, Alireza Raeisi Deputy Health Minister stressed that National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus plans like Social Distancing has an effective impact on the reduction of infection cases and fatalities of Coronavirus.

Iran Health Ministry spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour on Thursday daily press conference announced a decrease of daily infection to COVID-19.

1,634 new patients with COVID-19 were diagnosed in the country in the past 24 hours which shows a sharp decrease in the number of cases compared to the 1,997 cases on April 8, Jahanpour said.

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