Referring to the opposition of the US to the demands for lifting sanctions on Iran, the Iranian ambassador to Russia said that the US interests are in contrast with the interests of the world's nations.

Iran PressEurope: Kazem Jalali tweeted on Friday that officials in some parts of the world and the UN Secretary-General have called for the lifting of sanctions against the countries involved in the fight against the Coronavirus, while US officials have opposed this fact and ridiculed the role of the United Nations in resolving global problems.

The Iranian ambassador to Russia added that the US sanctions and restrictions have made it difficult to treat the COVID-19 patients, and the Iranian people continue to resist the oppressive sanctions along with the Coronavirus.

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Jalali has previously stated that Russia's proposal to the UN General Assembly to lift sanctions on all countries involved in the fight against the Coronavirus was denied with the opposition of the United States, Britain, the European Union, Georgia, and Ukraine.

According to the Iranian ambassador to Russia, the politicization of humanitarian actions by some countries comes at a time when the Coronavirus has become a pandemic, and a reduction in the capability of the countries under unilateral sanctions could be catastrophic.


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