Iranian Embassy in China lambastes US hate-mongering

Beijing (IP)- Iran’s embassy in China said the international community has strongly condemned any attempt to assign the Coronavirus to ethnic areas.

Iran Press/Asia: Iran’s embassy in China wrote in a tweet on Friday 27 March that it was the US that extracted its citizens from China’s Wuhan and limed its flights to the country.

The US boasted its medical staff, yet it has the most Corona-infected patients in the world, it added.

The Iranian embassy wrote that the US accuses other countries of inadequate prevention of the coronavirus pandemic, while the New York City medical staff are using garbage bags as protective gowns and New York doctors are complaining that everything is dirty and not sanitized.

The US claims to be concerned about the Iranian people, but while Iran is difficultly coping with the Coronavirus epidemic, it has not only ignored the call of the international community to lift the sanctions on Iran but has continued to increase sanctions against Iran, it stated.

The US Embassy in China on Thursday used the Coronavirus outbreak to fabricate accusations against Iran.


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