Tehran (IP) - Coordinating Deputy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said that besides the main responsibility of the Army which is protecting borders, the Army helps the nation in all crises.

Iran Press/Iran News: On the sideline of the inauguration ceremony of the 2000-bed hospital in an exclusive interview with Iran Press, the top military official noted that "The main responsibility of the army is protecting borders and no crisis can affect this responsibility."

Army has been active in all conditions such as floods and earthquakes, he added.

"We could have an active role in facing Coronavirus crisis which spreads all over the country and help the medical organization in all provinces," Rear Admiral Sayyari said.

He went on to say that we have supported human resources for the hospitals which were in need too, in addition to it, over 32 hospitals, all medical centers and more than 4,600 beds were allocated to the fight against Covid-19.  

"We control the transportation in more than 80 cities for disinfecting and checking peopleو" the top official highlighted.

The present field hospital shows that the Army is able to give the best services in the least time, he concluded.


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