Uzbekistan humanitarian aid sent to Iran

Tehran (IP) - Uzbekistan's humanitarian aid flew to Iran to combat the spread of the coronavirus this morning.

Iran Press/Iran News: Uzbekistan's humanitarian aid to Iran departed for Iran on Monday morning.

The aid includes healthcare items and has been sent by an Uzbek plane to Iran.

Prior to Uzbekistan, China, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, Japan, Qatar, Azerbaijan, and Russia, as well as the World Health Organization, had provided humanitarian aid to Iran to counter the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Earlier, Foreign Ministry spokesman announcing the names of countries that have so far helped Iran to fight Covid-19, stressing that the Iranian government and its people will never forget their friends in a hard time.

"The Iranian government and people will never forget their friends in a hard time," he stated.

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The COVID-19 viral disease that has swept into at least 149 countries, infected around about 171 thousand and its Global deaths surpassed 6,000 is now officially a pandemic, according to the World Health Organization announcement. 

In the meantime, the Iranian officials say that the US 'maximum pressure' and its economic terrorism in the midst of Iran's battle against COVID-19 has curbed its effort to purchase needed medicine and medical equipment; Iranian officials say that the US claims of a financial channel for procuring medicine are nothing but deception. On the other hand, the channel itself is limited and does not let Iran use its resources in different countries to secure medicine and medical needs for the Coronavirus situation in the country.

Iran has denounced the United States for impeding the effective fight against the Coronavirus through its sanctions, especially medical sanctions; blaming the US sanctions for endangering Iranians, some countries and political figures around the world and even inside of the US call for the lifting of sanctions on Iran amid the outbreak.

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