Tehran (IP) - The spokesman for Iran' s Ministry of Health and Medical Education Kianoush Jahanpour stated that Iran is a role model for containing COVID-19 due to precautionary measures taken.

Iran PressIran news: The spokesman for Iran' s Ministry of Health and Medical Education Kianoush Jahanpour said in an exclusive interview over the pandemic status of COVID-19 that Iran's health ministry had already predicted the disease to become pandemic.

The spokesperson for Iran's Health Ministry referred to the problem the other countries all across the world are facing which he defined as the lack of the underlying structure for complete identification of the disease, while some countries denying it and considering the emergence of those infected by disease as the very first case within their own borders.

However, according to Jahanpour, Iran's health Ministry's prediction on the probable pandemic status of COVID-19 has led to measures including planning and other related programs beyond what has been advised and defined by World Health Organization (WHO) regarding the pandemic disease. 

Considering the factors like the country's geographical characteristics as well as the population together with the medical and health centers, Iran has activated all of his potentials and capacities and have taken remarkable measures in fighting against COVID-19,  Iran's Senior Health Official said.

Jahanpour also stressed what have been done so far to fight against Coronavirus in Iran through the public mobilization of some 52000 Iranian health workers together with some 27000-28000 medical and health centers all across the country is beyond WHO expectations and highly praised by them.

The spokesman for Iran's Health Ministry also admired the role played by other Iranian NGOs as well as Iran's Red Crescent Society in containing the coronavirus outbreak.

He also said that the precautionary measures have been taken in Iran's 5 provinces much earlier and today the provincial coverage in these 5 provinces will become 100 percent, and the same trend is going to be practiced all across the country so that 83 million inhabitants of Iran will enjoy such facilities and the short gap will be faded away with the next 4 days and all citizens in Tehran can be benefited from it too.

"Iran's medical measures to fight against COVIِD-19 can be taken as the role model," concluded Jahanpour.


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