Tehran (IP) - Iranian Health Ministry spokesman said the support of WHO to Coronavirus central command headquarters could be effective in containing the outbreak of Covid-19.


Iran Press/Iran news: Iranian Health Ministry spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour in an exclusive interview with Iran Press News Agency said: "Due to the widespread outbreak of Coronavirus, formation of a central command headquarters for all involved countries through the guidance, support, and supervision of the World Health Organization could be helpful in containing infectious disease."

He added: "Definitely, with the supervision of a renowned international organization such as WHO which is respected among all countries, this could be efficient and effective particularly if these centers are based regionally.

Jahanpour also said the issue of monitoring, assessment, planning should be organized in a transnational way because some countries including some of the West Asians are not able to diagnose and record data on such infectious diseases such as Covid-19.

"Indeed those countries in need, can use from the capacities and laboratory equipment embedded in the disease diagnosis structure that are available in the regional countries; of course, other countries also benefit from this plan." the Iranian official said.

The Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education also said: “delay in information sharing regarding this infectious disease among the region's countries, Covid-19, endangers the health and safety of the people; thus Iran supports International central command particularly if that would be based on the regional countries and with the supervision and support of WHO."


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