Unexpected resignation of Malaysian Prime Minister

Malaysia's 95-year-old Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed has submitted his resignation to the king.

Iran Press/commentary: The Mahathir Mohammedan Party has reportedly left the ruling coalition. Mahathir Mohammed served as Malaysia's fourth prime minister from 1985 to 2003 and was re-elected as the seventh prime minister since May 10th, 2018.

The unexpected resignation of Mahathir Mohammed from the power that his party won last year's parliamentary elections is difficult for his supporters and even the Malaysian people; especially since the former Malaysian prime minister was accused of corruption and the people of the country dreamed of returning to the prosperous era by voting to the party of Mahatir Mohammed and ultimately his election as Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Mahathir Mohammed, known as the architect of Malaysia's modern economy, during his four terms as prime minister, transformed Malaysia into a developed country in Southeast Asia which became a model for the underdeveloped countries, particularly those in the Muslim world.

Mahathir Mohammed, who won the 2018 parliamentary election year with the participation of the People's Justice Party led by Anwar Ibrahim, had agreed with Ibrahim to leave the post of Prime Minister to the leader of People's Justice Party after two years in office, thus power shifted in the ruling coalition of Malaysia.

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A few months ago, rumors regarding passing the Premiership to Mahatir Muhammad's son or deputy of Malaysia's People's Justice Party were circulated in some media outlets, which raised concern for Anwar Ibrahim.

In such circumstances, Anwar Ibrahim recently accused Mahatir Mohammed supporters and some of his own party (People's Justice Party) members of a military coup.   

Anwar Ibrahim by insurgent coup meant that a mysterious attempt was made to deny him the prime minister's office breaching the agreement with Mahathir Mohammed to assume this responsibility two years after taking office.

Mahathir Mohammed's move to step down as prime minister before the May 10th, 2020 deadline is judged to be a clever decision to keep the ruling coalition in Malaysia safe and avoid any tension and disagreement among the coalition.

Mahathir Mohammed, who has made impressive steps in domestic and foreign policy for these two recent years as Malaysia's prime minister; by fulfilling his promise in handing over power to the People's Justice Party, has shown that Malaysia's peace as a guarantor of further development is very important to the contemporary Malaysian economy architect.


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