The US Defense Department has yet again raised the number of troops injured in Iran's retaliatory missile attack at a military base in Iraq last month, saying 110 patients have suffered “traumatic brain injuries.”

Iran Press/America: The figure is one higher than the last toll, which was announced on February 10.

All of the wounded were diagnosed with mild traumatic brain injury, the Pentagon said in a statement.

Meanwhile 35 were transported to Germany for further evaluation, of whom 25 have been sent to the United States, it added.

This is while the US President Donald Trump had initially said that no Americans were hurt in the strike on the Ein al-Asad base in western Iraq on the night of January 7-8, although authorities later reported that nearly a dozen troops were wounded.

In response to the US assassination of Iran's Quds Force Commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, IRGC launched 16 missiles targeting US bases in Iraq on January 8.