Vienna (IP)- Iran's ambassador and permanent representative to Vienna-based international organizations met with OPEC secretary-general in Vienna to talk about developments in the oil market.

Iran Press/Europe: Iran's ambassador and permanent representative to Vienna-based international organizations, Kazem Gharibabadi met the secretary-general of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Mohammed Barkindo and two sides talked about the oil market developments following the Coronavirus outbreak in China.

Gharibabadi, in his meeting with Barkindo, condemning the illegal and unilateral oil sanctions against Iran emphasized OPEC's important role in helping to stabilize the oil markets and providing mutual benefits to producers and consumers.

Barkindo also stressed the need for close consultations among OPEC members as well as non-OPEC members, especially in the current ambiguous situation.

The next meeting of the ministers of oil-producing countries is scheduled for March 5 in Vienna, according to OPEC.

The Coronavirus outbreak in China has reduced the country's demand for crude oil, which has led to lower oil prices.


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