Instagram shuts down IranPress page after imposing heavy restrictions

Instagram, the American based social media company has shut down the Iran Press News Agency's main account after imposing heavy restrictions on the IranPress page in recent months.

Iran PressIran news: Before Instagram, the Iran Press page on Facebook and Youtube had been shut down as part of Western Media censorship policy on independent social networking on the Internet.

Although Iran Press's account on Instagram observed all rules and regulations made by the social media company, this company has provided no answer to Iran Press for any explanation for the shutdown.

Instagram in the past month edited or deleted IranPress posts and storylines without any warning.

The IranPress account's shut down was happened after the full coverage of the recent events related to Martyrdom of Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani who was assassinated in Baghdad by the US Military and this issue absorbs many attentions by users across the globe.

Iran Pres had 14.k followers and had been covered a wide range of subjects in Iran including cultural and tourism as well as politic and economic. 207/205

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