Muqtada Sadr issues statement over US withdrawal

With the massive anti-US rally of the Iraqi people held in Baghdad on Friday, Iraqi politician and cleric, Muqtada Al-Sadr issued a statement calling on US military forces to leave Iraq.

Iran PressMiddle East: Muqtada Al-Sadr stressed that his country would try all political, cultural, economic, social, and peaceful ways so that US military forces withdraw from Iraq. If the US military refuse to leave Iraq, other options will be considered.

In his statement Muqtada Al-Sadr called for:

Shutting down all US military bases in the Iraqi soil.

Shutting down the US security headquarters and ending their activities.

Closing Iraqi airspace to US warplanes and reconnaissance aircraft.

Cancellation of all security agreements with the US due to a lack of international monitoring and because these agreements were signed simultaneously with the US invasion of Iraq.

In his decisions and speeches, Donald Trump must not downplay Iraq or be disrespectful towards Iraq and the Iraqi people, otherwise, the US will be treated the same way by the Iraqis.

If the US fulfils all these requirements, it will not be treated like an invader, but if it refuses to fulfil them, then it will be treated as an enemy.  

The statement says what is important at this juncture is to defend the sovereignty of Iraq and to preserve the security of the country through:

1- Foreign troops withdrawal from Iraqi territories.

2- Non-interference in Iraq's internal affairs, especially political and economic issues.

3- Non-aggression treaties with neighbouring countries, based on mutual respect and UN treaty.

4- Prohibition of formal and informal parties from interacting with foreigners except via a government channel with prior notice.

5- Applying a similar approach to other countries to defend the sovereignty and dignity of Iraq. 

6 Defend foreign diplomats in Iraq and prohibit violations.

7- Strengthening the country's political and economic relations which is in the interests of Baghdad.   207/211