Trump has no Political, Security understanding: Top military aid to Leader

Top Military Aide to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi said the US President Trump does not have an understanding of political-security implications and international relations.

Iran PressIran news: Top Military Aide to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi said that The US President Donald Trump does not know the power of the Islamic Revolution, leadership and noble nation of Islamic Iran. 

He made the remarks on Thursday 16 January in Imam Ali Officers’ Academy and pointed to the move taken by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in targeting US military base in Iraq and added, “IRGC launched a massive airstrike to US Ain al-Asad airbase in Iraq in retaliation of its assassination of Iran’s top commander Lieutenant General Qsaem Soleimani and his companions in Iraq.”

For the first time since World War II, the Islamic Republic of Iran was the only power that could attack US military bases, he said, adding, “The Islamic Republic of Iran is a regional power. Since the US could not do anything when Iran decided to attack its military bases in Iraq it shows the high power and authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the world.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Major General Safavi pointed to the characteristics of US President Trump and added, “the current president of the United States does not understand the political-security concepts and also international law and relations.”

It seems that his chance of winning in the US Presidential Election in 2020 has plummeted as a result of his failure in Syria, Yemen and the assassination of IRGC Quds Force Commander Lieutenant General Soleimani and Second-in-Command of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Safavi highlighted. 


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