Tehran (IP) - The Iranian Defence Minister has stressed that the Iranian nation is demanding a complete withdrawal of all US military forces from the region.

Iran Press/Iran news: Brigadier General Amir Hatami said in an interview with Iran Press on Wednesday that Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani was an international figure of the resistance front and an asset belonging to the resistance movement and that we will avenge the US assassination of Lieutenant- General Soleimani.

General Hatami noted that the US thought that if they assassinate Lieutenant General Soleimani, they would be able to create divisions in the region and tell the Iranian and Iraqi people that the US solved their problems.

But the Iranian and Iraqi nation did such elegant commemoration of martyr Soleimani that the US shall never forget, he added.

He noted that form the very beginning, it was proposed that the Iranian nation and the armed forces must take revenge from the US, and the severe revenge came in the Leader of the Islamic Revolution's message.

General Hatami said that Iran hit an important military base of the US in Iraq with its domestic short-range missiles for the first time after World war II.

Iran's Minister of Defence noted that it needs time to assess the casualties the US suffered from Iran's response for they were prepared but were not able to stop the missiles hitting their base.

Asserting that the consequent responses will be given based on the US reactions, General Hatami stressed that the Iranian nation has a greater demand that is the complete withdrawal of the US from the region.


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