Spox: Germany closes eyes on US interventions in western Asia

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said in a twitter message that Germany has closed its eyes on the US illegal interference in western Asia.

Iran PressIran News: Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said in a tweet on Tuesday that such stances from Germany contradict its claim to play an effective role in international peace and stability.

Referring to Hashd al-Shaabi Shia armed group, the Germany foreign ministry said that the increasing number of attacks by non-state militias endangers Iraq's security and stability.

"The increasing number of attacks by non-state militias is threatening the stability of Iraq. Iran must end its policy of regional destabilization," it added.

Mousavi reacting to the German foreign office's statement, by saying: "Germany has falsely accused Iran of destabilizing the region by turning a blind eye to US illegal interventions in the west of Asia.”

“The continuation of such positions casts serious doubt on Berlin's claim to play an effective role in the path of peace and stability,” the spokesman added.

US forces launched deadly airstrikes against Kata'ib Hezbollah bases, which is part of Iraq's Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), on Sunday night, claiming that the attacks have been in response to alleged attacks targeting US and coalition forces. 207/201

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