Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday called on Peru and Brazil to detain and extradite terrorists involved in the recent attack on a military unit in the country.

Iran Press/America: "We have caught 11 attackers and they told us everything. We know where they were trained, who financed them, how they did it, all the parties involved, including civilians and former military ... Some of these traitors fled to Colombia", Nicolas Maduro said during his address, broadcast on Twitter, Sputnik reported.

According to the President, opposition figure Leopoldo Lopez coordinated attacks from a base in Colombia, Peru and Brazil, though the three countries denied their involvement in the recent attack on a military unit.

The President addressed to the government of Brazil demanding that it stop supporting military attacks against Venezuela and asked the government of Peru to detain a terrorist who said on social media that he was behind the attack.

In addition, Maduro said the attackers also stole weapons, most part of which was currently in Brazil. Therefore, it asked Brasilia to detain the criminals and return the weapons to Venezuela.

On Sunday, Venezuelan Defence Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez said that the opposition attacked a military unit in the south of the country, adding that one soldier was killed during this "terrorist attack". According to Caracas, the attackers were trained in Colombia and received support from Brazil and Peru.

Earlier in December, the media reported, citing Rodriguez, on another attack. In particular, according to Caracas, the US-backed Venezuelan opposition had been preparing a terrorist attack on the country's military in the northern state of Sucre to disrupt Christmas celebrations. However, the attack was successfully prevented by the Venezuelan authorities.

Venezuela has been suffering from severe political crisis since late January when Juan Guaido, the head of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, proclaimed himself interim president in a bid to oust reelected Maduro from power. Maduro has accused Guaido of being a US puppet, working with Washington to orchestrate a coup so that the United States can control Venezuela’s natural resources.


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