Iran refutes exaggerated death toll of petrol riots

Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) has strongly rejected as fake and baseless reports of the over-exaggerated killing of 1500 people during riots last November in wake of a price hike in the petrol price.

Iran PressIran News: Reacting to a news story by Reuters, the council's head of Communications and Information Secretariat, Alireza Zarifian said on Monday it was a psychological operation and a string of allegations.

"Now that Reuters did not want to credit its story with a source, why did it suffice to 1500 people? It could have reported of 20,000," Tasnim news agency quoted him saying.

"Such fake fabrications of news are void of any validity," Zarifian added.

He also said that upon the direction of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, three teams are sympathizing with the families of the recent victims and investigating their conditions.



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