The chairman of the Iranian Election Commission, Jamal Orf stressed the importance of pilot implementation of a new mechanism in the voting process.

Iran Press/Iran news: The chairman of the Iranian Election Commission, Jamal Orf said in his exclusive interview with the Iran Press on Thursday that "In the context of realizing electoral policies to utilize new technologies in the voting process in the next elections, we are considering to utilize new machinery mechanisms to obtain and count the votes in some constituencies."

"Should we have an agreement with the Guardian Counsel about the New vote-counting mechanism in the next election, we can consider it as an important development in the vote obtaining and counting process," he said.

He stressed: "Using the method will enable us to speed up vote obtaining process, and on the other hand, the mechanism will help us to count votes faster and more accurate."   

He added that if the Guardian Counsel rejects the proposal to use the new method, it is obvious that obtaining and counting the votes will be manual, as it was implemented in the previous elections.

According to the interior ministry in Iran, 16145 candidates registered for 290 seats in 11the round of Iran's Parliament

The 11th round of parliamentary elections in Iran was slated for Feb. 21, 2020, four years after the previous one in 2016.

The enrolment process started as of December 1 and ended on December 7.

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