Tehran (IP)- The Chief Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami warned arrogant powers and their regional clients about dire consequences of plotting against Iran.

Iran Press/Iran newsAddressing a gathering of IRGC and Basij (volunteer) forces in the city of Rey at southern Tehran, on Thursday, Major General Salami asked the arrogant powers and their regional clients to desist their hostilities and conspiracies against Iran, Iran Press report.

He also said, "The enemy is wrong to think it can force Iranians to surrender by increasing its economic pressure on the country, stressing that the more the pressure, the stronger the people’s determination will become to resist the enemy."

He went on saying: "We tell you that if you do not abandon (your hostile acts), we will set fire to your interests," adding that "We will chase you, find you and take revenge.” 

Salami stressed: "We are close to the victory, the enemy is retreating and because of that, they inciting to sedition but, our people have proven again that their calculations are totally wrong as always was the case."

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