Iran's Judiciary Chief has said the West is in the dock, as a defendant accused of serious human rights violations and "the Islamic world is the plaintiff in this court case whose rights have been violated".

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking on Saturday at the closing ceremony of the 33rd International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran, Iran's Judiciary Chief Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said: "Today, we believe that the Islamic world has an upper hand on human rights. Human rights unions can be formed. A valuable proclamation has been written in Egypt, and it seems that the West will be charged as soon as they are implemented, and that is the duty of the entire Muslim world."

"Today, the West is in the dock as a defendant accused of human rights violations and the Islamic world is the plaintiff in this court case whose rights have been violated," Raisi added according to Iran Press.

The senior official went on to say that using propaganda, the enemy has been threatening the Islamic world in the field of ethics, social issues, and ethnic issues by sowing discord among Muslims, adding: "We need to emphasize unity where there is a difference."

He continued that the West defines freedom, terrorism, liberalization, globalization, and human rights in its own way and it seeks thinkers who are consistent with its thought in the Third World.

"The Zionist population in the world is very small, but they want to pretend that they have a large population. They establish economic, social, cultural and political unions in different countries with different tastes," said Raisi, adding: "Everyone thinks their population is large, but it's not. They want to induce societies that are influential."

Confronting the West, Iran's Judiciary Chief believed that "forming unions on different themes in the Muslim world with the participation of scholars and intellectuals can be very effective."

The 33rd International Islamic Unity Conference, marking the birth anniversary of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, opened on Thursday in Tehran. This year's event was held under the theme “Ummah unity in defending the al-Aqsa Mosque”. The event drew to a close on Saturday 16 November, with 350 personalities from 93 countries in attendance.


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